Hog/Spit Roast Machines

We provide a selection of the highest quality hog roast & spit roast machines available on the market today. Whether you are catering for a small, medium or large event we have a machine that will suit your needs. 

  • Tasty Trotter Mini Spit Roast
    Tasty Trotter Mini Spit Roast

    The Mini Spit Roast Oven is ideal for suckling pigs, dressed hinds or lambs catering for 20 -100 people comfortably cooking 46kg of meat Conforms...


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  • Hogmaster Hog Roast Machine
    Hogmaster Hog Roast Machine

    Large capacity stainless steel hog roast machine powered by propane gas, which means it is fully mobile and great for outside catering as it comes with...

    £1574.99(+VAT) Was £1726.99

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  • KDL 110lb Spit Roast Machine
    KDL 110lb Spit Roast Machine

    The 100lb Jubilee pig roaster is the little brother of the KDL best selling 200lb pig roaster. With a shorter spit rod the pig roaster can cook up...


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  • Professional Spit Roast Machine
    Professional Spit Roast Machine

     The younger brother of the Titan Machines, Ideally suited for home use or the small business market. The professional is smaller and lighter...

    £1679.99(+VAT) Was £2299.99

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  • KDL 200lb Spit Roast Machine
    KDL 200lb Spit Roast Machine

    This pig roaster can be used to cook pigs up to 230lb as well as whole lambs, venison and other animals. The main body is constructed from high grade...


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  • Tasty Trotter Spit Roast Machine
    Tasty Trotter Spit Roast Machine

    Prepare, cook and serve the tastiest meat possible on this Professional spit roast machine capable of feeding up to 350 people for less than £1.00...


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  • Titan Hog Roast Machine
    Titan Hog Roast Machine

    Using the two support bars, the roasting tray can be raised for carving directly on the machine so guests can watch caters work as they slice into the...

    £2199.99(+VAT) Was £2599.99

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  • Titan Spit Roast Machine
    Titan Spit Roast Machine

    A Titan spit roast is a brilliant way to bring theatre to event catering. The Titan Spit Roasting Machine is a great addition to any wedding venue,...

    £2499.99(+VAT) Was £2799.99

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