Instanta DB2000 SureFlow Touch Water Boiler

Instanta DB2000 SureFlow Touch Water Boiler


Ideal for self service, the DB2000 has an optional advanced programmable locking system. This allows the unit to be ready to use at the touch of an electronic key & is perfect for high security users or where health & safety is a concern.

Features and Benefits
· Electronically controlled for constant temperatures
· Programmable down to 80°C if required
· Simple push and hold dispense button
· Energy saving ECO mode
· Lock-off setting using electronic key-fob
· Early warning LCD diagnostics
· Five water level sensors

Installation: Counter mounted with drip tray.

Plumbing: Designed for direct connection to a potable cold water supply using the 1.5 metre (3/4” BSP) hose supplied. An isolating valve should be installed between the supply and the heater. Rear supply connection and choice of rear or front overflow.

Electrical: Fitted with 1.75 metres of cable and a 13amp moulded plug.

Brushed stainless steel case.
Stainless steel heating chamber.
Low voltage switching.
Two safety cut-outs.

Locking System:
The locking system is activated by touching an
electronic key fob against a sensor (located below
the display panel).
The boiling water dispense function can be set up in
four different ways;
1 NONE/OPEN (Standard setting) – No lock.
Simply push & hold button to dispense
boiling water.
2 TOGGLE - Key fob turns the dispense function
on and off sequentially, as required.
3 TIMED – Boiling water dispense is available for a
pre-set time (adjustable in minutes), determining
how long it can be used before locking off.
4 ONE-SHOT – A single drink can be dispensed
before the boiling water function locks off.
One key fob is supplied with each boiler with
additional keys available from Instanta spares
department (Part No: D2000L). Up to 20 individual
keys can be programmed.


Height: 608mm

Width: 260mm

Depth 465mm


2 years Parts and Labour

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