• Buffalo Meat Slicer 220mm
    Buffalo Meat Slicer 220mm

    Impressive cutting strength and reliability come together with the Buffalo Meat Slicer. With its large 220mm blade and numerous safety features, you can...

    £359.99(+VAT) Was £399.99

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  • Metcalfe 180 snack bar slicer. Slicer
    Metcalfe 180 snack bar slicer. Slicer

    An excellent machine fo the small catering establishment which does not justify an expensive gravity feed machine. This is a small but powerful well priced...


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  • Buffalo Meat Slicer 300mm
    Buffalo Meat Slicer 300mm

    Save time and reduce waste with the sturdy and reliable Buffalo Meat Slicer. Featuring a large 300mm blade with integral sharpener, you can easily and...


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about us

MJS are a Gloucestershire based catering equipment distributor who have been supplying the region for over 30 years. Our clients include many of the county's pubs, restaurants, takeaways and hotels.

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Secondhand Catering Equipment

Secondhand Equipment

View our selection of secondhand commerical catering equipment.

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The Baked Potato first hit the fast-food scene in the early 1980s, after which mobile caterers selling the food type became a staple on the British high...

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