Used & Ex Stock Catering Equipment

We stock a large amount of secondhand and reconditioned catering equipment which changes on a weekly basis to provide considerable savings if you are not looking to buy new. Everything we sell is checked over by our own gas & refrigeration engineers who are fully Gas Safe registered. We also stock a very large selection of secondhand stainless steel tables and sinks of various sizes. This is just a small selection of what we have available, if you are looking for anything in particular please do not hesitate to contact us.

All appliances must be installed by a registered commercial catering appliance engineer (gas safe, refrigeration or electric) who will carry out the installation in compliance with all current manufacturer and HSE regulations. Failure to do so will null and void any warranty with MJS Catering Equipment Ltd. MJS Catering Equipment Ltd cannot be held responsible for any malfunction caused by incorrect installation. Please contact us for delivery details as prices vary depending on the item.

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About Us

about us

MJS are a Gloucestershire based catering equipment distributor who have been supplying the region for over 30 years. Our clients include many of the county's pubs, restaurants, takeaways and hotels.

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Secondhand Equipment

Secondhand Catering Equipment

Secondhand Equipment

View our selection of secondhand commerical catering equipment.

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The Baked Potato first hit the fast-food scene in the early 1980s, after which mobile caterers selling the food type became a staple on the British high...

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