DC PD1000 Premium Range Passthrough Dishwasher

DC PD1000 Premium Range Passthrough Dishwasher

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The Premium range passthrough dishwasher is specifically designed for outstanding performance whilst minimising environmental impact and running costs. It comes complete with selectable 1, 2, 3 & 8* (*SHR version only) minute cycle timer and auto-start hood. By incorporating a low-volume wash tank, double-skinned hood and insulated boiler, water, electrical and chemical usage and costs are kept to an absolute minimum whilst still ensuring the highest level of cleaning power and hygiene. Capable of being arranged in either a straight-through or corner configuration, the Premium range provides versatility, strength and power when it's most needed.

Features include 

  • Heavy-duty wash pump 
  • double-skinned hood
  • insulated boiler
  • EasyClean triple filter system
  • anti-block removable wash and rinse arms
  • moulded wash tank to prevent debris build-up and assist routine maintenance
  • optional thermostop for guaranteed rinse temperatures
  • extra loading height
  • boiler and wash tank temperature displays
  • simple, intuitive controls
  • self-draining wash pump for improved hygiene
  • low-volume wash tank
  • low water usage
  • 32 amp single phase - 3 phase option available

Optional add-ons
Chemical dosing pumps - Drain Pump - Integral Watersoftener - Break Tank


Height: 1500mm

Width: 770mm

Depth 655mm


Optional Warranties availble

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