DC SXD50 standard extra range dishwasher

DC SXD50 standard extra range dishwasher

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The Standard Extra (SX) range takes performance and environmental awareness to the next level by introducing a two-minute wash cycle option, an uprated and insulated boiler to improve cycle recovery times and a superior peristaltic rinse aid dosing unit.

Features include

  • Heavy-duty wash pump
  •  double-skinned stainless-steel cabinet and door
  •  removable anti-block wash and rinse arms
  •  hydro-dynamic basket slides
  •  low water usage
  •  EasyClean filters
  •  optional thermostop for guaranteed rinse temperatures
  •  self-draining wash pump for improved hygiene
  •  integral detergent and rinse aid dosing units
  •  simple, intuitive controls
  •  supplied with 1 dish, 1 cup and cutlery basket
  • 500mm basket standard extra range gravity drain Dishwasher
  • Cleans 18 dinner plates per cycle (Maximum load height 315mm)
  • Two and three minute wash cycles ensure maximum productivity and cleaning performance
  • 20 amp single phase power supply

Optional add-ons
Drain Pump - Integral Watersoftener - Break Tank


Height: 825mm

Width: 580mm

Depth 635mm


Optional Warranties availble

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