Instanta CTS15PB SureFlow Touch Water Boiler

Instanta CTS15PB SureFlow Touch Water Boiler


Ideal for self service, the CTSV45T/6 (DB2000) has an optional advanced programmable locking system. This allows the unit to be ready to use at the touch of an electronic key & is perfect for high security users or where health & safety is a concern.

Features and Benefits
· Electronically controlled for constant temperatures
· Programmable down to 80°C if required
· Simple push and hold dispense button
· Energy saving ECO mode
· Lock-off setting using electronic key-fob
· Early warning LCD diagnostics
· Five water level sensors

Installation: Counter mounted with drip tray.

Plumbing: Designed for direct connection to a potable cold water supply using the 1.5 metre (3/4” BSP) hose supplied. An isolating valve should be installed between the supply and the heater. Rear supply connection and choice of rear or front overflow.

Electrical: Fitted with 1.75 metres of cable and a 13amp moulded plug.

Brushed stainless steel case.
Stainless steel heating chamber.
Low voltage switching.
Two safety cut-outs.

Locking System:
The locking system is activated by touching an
electronic key fob against a sensor (located below
the display panel).
The boiling water dispense function can be set up in
four different ways;
1 NONE/OPEN (Standard setting) – No lock.
Simply push & hold button to dispense
boiling water.
2 TOGGLE - Key fob turns the dispense function
on and off sequentially, as required.
3 TIMED – Boiling water dispense is available for a
pre-set time (adjustable in minutes), determining
how long it can be used before locking off.
4 ONE-SHOT – A single drink can be dispensed
before the boiling water function locks off.
One key fob is supplied with each boiler with
additional keys available from Instanta spares
department (Part No: D2000L). Up to 20 individual
keys can be programmed.


Height: 608mm

Width: 260mm

Depth 465mm


2 years Parts and Labour

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