King Edward Bake King Mini Potato Oven

King Edward Bake King Mini Potato Oven

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Like the original Bake King oven, only smaller. With up to 50 total potato capacity - 25 in main oven plus the same quantity in the storage/display area above - it offers incredible cooking efficiency at a low price. With a small footprint it will be ideal for those premises with limited front-of-house space who still need a powerful and versatile main cooking oven.

  • Highly efficient fan assisted convection oven, for thorough and consistent cooking results every time
  • Suitable for cooking potatoes and all other foodstuffs
  • Up to 50 total 8 oz potato capacity - up to 25 in main cooking oven, plus further 25 can be stored simultaneously in the display area above
  • Both main oven & storage area illuminated whilst in operation
  • 2 shelves in main cooking oven - both fully removable allowing the entire oven cavity to be used if required
  • Removable crumb tray in top display area
  • Attractive customer facing write on/wipe off menu glass when the unit is used in a counter top position - mark your daily specials easily & quickly.
  • Can be used as a back bar or counter top unit without modification, straight out of the box - you can change it's position at a future date without a problem.
  • No steam ventilation or ducting required.
  • Simple controls makes it easy to operate - minimal staff training required to ensure consistency of results every time.
  • Small, compact unit - can be used as a counter top or back bar with equal effectiveness
  • Oven and storage area are both illuminated whilst cooking
  • Footprint: 460mm x 475mm 
  • Built in 90 minute timer
  • Temperature range 0 - 250C
  • Max capacity 50 potatoes 
  • Cooks 25 potatoes in 60 minutes
  • Rating 13A
  • Not just for potatoes - the Bake King is perfect for cooking and displaying any food you want to keep heated for service - including pastries, breads, pies. 

Available in either Black or Stainless Steel finish  - Please specify above


Height: 643mm

Width: 460mm

Depth 550mm


1 year parts only

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