Omas S9M Flywheel Meat Slicer

Omas S9M Flywheel Meat Slicer


The flywheel OMAS S 9M is a high precision slicer, with advanced features and great aesthetic impact, it is a symbol of quality and craftsmanship which achieves perfect results in cutting the finest hams with the best ease of operation. The S9M is a partly automatic slicer, this enables the operator to offer customers the manual delicacy typical of the professional deli-shop without losing the support of very innovative technical solutions. 

The precise slice-thickness knob (0 – 4 mm) assures very thin slices, for the enjoyment of the taste of your special products and to obtain the most, in terms of quality and quantity, from the best hams and salami. Extra-large, tempered and chromium-plated blade, 370 mm diameter, to guarantee a perfect cut without waste, essential if you are processing fine products. The pusher, a twin-support arm, prevents the displacement of the product on the plate, so that all slices are perfectly cut. 

  • The smoothness of the carriage movement and of the flywheel rotation make light the work for the operator multifunction keypad to select the slice thickness to hundredths of a millimetre and make the product holder move forward or backward
  • Some automatisms support the manual delicacy typical of the professional deli operator
  •  Automatic forward movement of the product holder towards the blade for the set slice thickness
  • Automatic movement of the product holder away from the blade during the return stroke to avoid contact against blade and gauge plate  
  • Electronic slice thickness adjustment to hundredths of a millimetre
  • Automatic blade protection closing when the work is finished to protect the unguarded part of the blade and timed blade stop to ensure complete safety
  • Fixed blade guard with free groove for sharpening operations
  • Built-in sharpener, easy to switch from slicing to sharpening, it sharpens and hones at the same time and guarantees a blade always at top performances
  • Blade: 370mm
  • Cut Thickness: 0-4mm
  • Power: 750w, 230v
  • RRP over £9500
  • Removed from Jamies Italian Restaurant

Height: 720mm

Width: 990mm

Depth 560mm

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