Rational SCC202 Gas Combination Ovens Gas

Rational SCC202 Gas Combination Ovens Gas

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Stylish and intelligent, this Rational combi oven boasts a wide range of self-cooking and combi modes for different foods and cooking styles. Ideal for high-ouput restaurants and food services with a variety of dishes, the CalcDiagnosis and Carecontrol intelligent cleaning process identify limescale build-up and maximise operational reliability. The delay start function also provides the opportunity to prepare in advance, removing the need to monitor the cooking process and enhancing the operation of your business. This combination oven requires 3/4" water connection, 1/2" pressure hose and 1.5 - 6.0 bar flow pressure; Exhaust Gas Control B13, B23.

Product features

  • 7 'SelfCookingControl' Modes (Meat, poultry, fish, side dishes, egg dishes, baked products, 'Finishing')
  • Combi-Steamer Mode with 3 Modes: Steam (30-130°C), Hot Air (30-300°C) & Combination of Steam & Hot Air (30-300°C)
  • Automatic 'Finishing' processes for plated banquets, buffets, à la carte. 3/4" Gas Connection
  • Delta-T' cooking for gently cooking large joints
  • Self-Teaching operation, adapts to actual usage
  • MyDisplay: Self-Configurable, User-specific operating display with TFT colour monitor and touch screen
  • 350 programs with up to 12 steps can be selected as required and progam lock. CE Marked Flash
  • Humidification variable in 3 stages (30-260°C) with extended humidifying function with humidity value adjustable to one percent accuracy
  • Integral hand shower with automatic retracting system, integral water shut-off function and infinitely variable jet strength
  • CareControl': automatic cleaning and care system for cooking cabinet and steam generator
  • 5 programmable air speeds with 5 proving stages. Can be hardwired or a plug (not supplied) can be installed depending on electrical requirements
  • Service Diagnostic System (SDS) with automatic service notices display. New Line Flash
  • Capacity 21 x 2/1 GN or 40 x 1/1 GN
  • Dimensions 1782(H)x 1084(W)x 996(D)mm
  • Output 300-500 meals per day
  • Power Type 90kW. 391.3A. 307,260 BTU/Hr
  • Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C
  • Voltage 230V
  • Weight 370.5kg
  • Gas 

To help ensure outstanding lifetime performance and validity of the 2 year warranty for your new Rational, we recommend a site survey and consultation prior to accepting an order. Please call for further information.


Height: 1782mm

Width: 1084mm

Depth 996mm


2 years parts & labour

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